Invitation:  AWA Business and EBV Review

Important Update 20 March 2020

In light of the recent advice on coronavirus, the WagyuEdge 2020 conference has been cancelled. The information that would be have been provided through Association Matters will be presented to members in other media formats in due course.


The new Australian Wagyu Association Board assumed oversight of AWA business and breed strategy last November.  The Board has initiated an extensive review of AWA business services, and accelerated existing proposals for review of key breeding tools, including BREEDPLAN Carcase EBVs and BreedObject $Indexes.

Early review outcomes were accepted by the AWA Board on February 10, 2020. Preliminary results are outstanding.   Member participation is sought as we share updated details at a special members-only ‘Association Matters’ session immediately preceding the WagyuEdge 2020 Annual Conference opening on 29 April 2020. There is no additional charge.

Details are Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast,
29 April, 2020, 10am – 12pm

Key components of the session will include

  • Progress report on the review of EBVs/Indexes. It is essential to note ‘review’ does not necessarily mean change, but that ongoing review is basic good management. The AWA Carcase EBVs launched in 2014 are under cyclical review. The Indexes are informed solely by the EBVs. The goal is to enhance these metrics.
  • Competitive benchmarking of Wagyu breed progress in the Australian registered beef herd environment.  How fast have we grown? Where do we rank?
  • Competitive benchmarking of AWA performance among Australian beef breed societies. Is your Association performing at par, above, or below?   Are we expensive, or budget-priced?
  • Measuring and managing the challenged genetic diversity in our key breed. These are initiatives being undertaken for the first time in AWA history and will soon include web publication of prefectural (or sub population) analysis for all AWA-registered Japanese Black animals.
  • Review of AWA management efficiencies. How good are your member services? Are you getting the best bang for your buck in AWA transaction management?

If you have any investment in Wagyu, there will be substantial value in this session, but please note it is for members only, and some content here will not be repeated in main conference sessions.

I look forward to meeting you there.
Kind regards,

Mike Buchanan
AWA Board Chair and President