Wagyu Webinars – Keep Informed

The Australian Wagyu Association is pleased to announce a Wagyu Webinar series, to bring the global Wagyu sector the very latest information on improving genetics and managing breeding in Wagyu.

Held fortnightly, industry experts and AWA representatives will present webinars on key subjects, starting with:

  • June: The new Wagyu Breeder $Index, the latest addition to the AWA Wagyu BreedObject $Indexes enabling improved selection for profitability in commercial pastoral-based production systems.
  • July: Genetic Diversity Initiatives – Publication of Japanese Prefectural Values for all Fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu registered with the Australian Wagyu Association.
  • July: Calculation of estimated breeding values (EBVs) from raw data using AWA’s Wagyu BREEDPLAN.

The first open Wagyu Webinar – The new Wagyu Breeder $Index

The first open Wagyu Webinar will be held on Thursday 18 June 2020 at 4pm, when AWA will announce:

A new WAGYU BreedObject $Index – the Wagyu Breeder $Index

The Wagyu Breeder $Index complements the suite of Wagyu profitability Indexes now in extensive use by the industry to increase profitability.

The new Wagyu Breeder $Index is the fourth in the suite, and is designed to support selection for enhanced pastoral-based Fullblood Wagyu production, focussing on superior maternal performance to deliver improved calf survivability, 200-400 day growth and profitable feeder production outcomes.

The Wagyu Breeder $Index will be positioned along with the SRI, FTI and F1 Indexes so that members can better compare the breeding objectives and applications of each $Index.

UPCOMING WAGYU Webinars – Japanese Prefectural Values

In the second Webinar in our open Wagyu Webinar series (2 July 2020), the AWA will announce and explain the publication of Japanese Prefectural Values for all Fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu in the Herdbook, in the key context of inbreeding and genetic diversity conservation.

Japanese Black are the predominant Wagyu Breed outside of Japan.  Details of work recently completed to improve pedigree links to the Japanese herd ancestors of the global Japanese Black Wagyu population will be discussed.  The presentation will include information on how prefectural data is calculated and related trends within the registered Japanese Black Wagyu herd.

Like to learn more about these and other future Wagyu Webinars?

Information on additional Wagyu Webinars will be posted once the topics and speakers are confirmed.  Please reserve every second Thursday at 4pm for this ongoing webinar series.  To join, go to  Wagyu Webinars for the link to the current webinar.