AWA Conference & Tour 2021

WagyuEdge | 27 April - 3 May 2021 | Gold Coast

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WagyuEdge Conference - Building Integrity

The Australian Wagyu Association WagyuEdge annual conference builds on the vision to advance the world’s luxury beef – Wagyu. From breeder to consumer, the conference is one of the most anticipated events on the Australian red meat industry calendar, bringing together noted speakers, stakeholders and delegates from around the world. The conference has many highlights including the presentation of the awards for the Wagyu Branded Beef Competition medallists, the Gala Dinner and the Elite Wagyu Sale.

The WagyuEdge 2021 annual Conference was held 27 – 29 April 2021 on the Gold Coast, Queensland. A 3-Day Tour, starting from the Gold Coast on 30 April, and finishing in Rockhampton on 3 May, in time for Beef 2021.

Conference accommodation

Accommodation for the conference was offered onsite at Royal Pines Resort. You will need to make your own bookings. We advise you to book your accommodation early to avoid missing out – Book a room.

If you need assistance, please contact Naoko (Coco) Tashiro on +61 75597 8700 or via email 

Program Highlights

Three days of workshops and speakers

The conference is an opportunity to bring together all components of the Wagyu sector in a forum of learning and networking to help our industry to advance Wagyu – the World’s Luxury Beef.  The Australian Wagyu sector is the leading producer and exporter of Wagyu to international high-end markets.

Delegates from Australia can attend in person, with those from around the world attending virtually to hear speakers with a high level of expertise in Wagyu production, genetics and marketing.

Day 1

Technical nuts and bolts of Wagyu production and genetics, including Professor Rob Banks and Dr Kirsty More of AGBU, to look at Net Feed Intake in Wagyu, Wagyu population structure and what that represents for Australian Wagyu and genetic trends.

At the end of Day 1, we will be awarding the top-performing sires from the AWA Net Feed Intake Program as part of our Welcome BBQ event.

Day 2
Insights from Australian and international speakers and what we can learn and apply to our own production systems.

One of our Keynote speakers, Mr Jason Strong of MLA will give a market oversight for premium beef in the wake of 2020. Honorary Life Member, Mr Arthur Dew will share his knowledge and the decisions he has made to develop the Longford herd.

In the afternoon we will see the Elite Wagyu Sale live and online.

The evening is a time for celebration with our Gala Dinner where we present the winners of the Wagyu Branded Beef Competition to celebrate our finest producers.


Day 3

Rebuilding and growing herds, genetic diversity and retail. Ahead of the Tour visit to Brindley Park, Australian Country Choice CEO – Anthony Lee will outline the Wagyu program the company is developing and feedlot services tailored specifically to Wagyu brand owners.

From the other side of the country, Irongate Wagyu director Peter Gilmour will outline his methodology for genetic progress and development of the Irongate herd.

Tour program highlights

Gold Coast –  Dalby – Roma – Emerald – Rockhampton

Our 3+ day tour is chock-filled with stops, kicking off on Friday the 30 April.

The tour price includes coach transport, meals each day, accommodation, dinner and drinks each night. It is only open to registered Wagyu Edge 2021 conference delegates and their partners. Delegates are required to organise their own travel from Rockhampton to their final destination.


Friday 30 April 

Depart Gold Coast

STOP ONE – Shamrock Vale Station and Goshu Wagyu

Shamrock Vale Station is located at Beaudesert and is home to the famous Tajima bred Goshu Wagyu herd. The Fullblood herd has been relocated from Victoria and acclimated to Southern Queensland to supply high marbling bulls for feeder production.

STOP TWO – Stockyard Kerwee Feedlot Jondaryan

Kerwee Feedlot is home to the AWA Net Feed Intake Program which has now processed its 7th cohort of Wagyu feeders. Kerwee is home to one of the longest established high-quality Wagyu Feeder production programs in Australia, with the Stockyard Brand synonymous with export Wagyu.

Overnight at Dalby

Saturday 1 May

STOP THREE – Hamilton Park Wagyu at Wollumbilla North

Hamilton Park Wagyu is a large feeder production operation based on 2,500 breeding females (Fullblood and Purebred) and capacity to feed 2,000 head onsite, enabling drought-proof production feeding for optimal gains prior to feedlot entry.

STOP FOUR – Australian Country Choice Brindley Park at Roma

Brindley Park is a keystone property in the ACC Wagyu operation, home to the renown Shadai Farm and Hawkesbury Wagyu Herds. ACC has rapidly accelerated its breeding programs at Brindley Park as part of its premium quality product strategy.

Overnight at Roma

Sunday 2 May

STOP FIVE – AACo property – Glentana Station

The 2021 WagyuEdge Tour will include a visit to the AACo property – Glentana Station on Sunday 2 May.  Glentana is central to the expansive AACo Polled Wagyu program, which has achieved considerable scale over the last few years.  Members can see how AACo has amplified its Westholme genetics through a unique Polled breeding program.

Overnight Emerald

Monday 3 May

STOP SIX  – Codenwarra / Marathon Wagyu

Twenty-two years ago John and Robin McCosker, under the guidance of Simon Coates, established the Codenwarra Fullblood Wagyu herd through embryo transfer and AI programs. Presently, the Codenwarra and Marathon herds have in-excess of 1000 registered Fullblood Wagyu cattle with a focus on well-balanced high growth and good carcass quality cattle.

Arrive Rockhampton 1pm 

Corporate Partnerships and Sponsors

Corporate Partnerships and Sponsors are an integral part of the Association and the Conference where affiliated Wagyu businesses can connect with clients, potential new customers and promote their services to a qualified audience. The Australian Wagyu Association deeply appreciates the support given to the event by our sponsors, without which, we could not bring such a high standard Conference.

We encourage you to consider a Corporate Partnership or sponsorship of the WagyuEdge annual conference.

Business Events Grants Program

The Association has been successful in listing on the Schedule of Approved Businesses for Business Events Grants. For our sponsors and exhibitors, it covers up to 50% of your expenses to be a part of the Conference.

Conference Registrations

Conference packages

Full registration (3-days), single day or virtual (online) packages are available. All prices listed in AU dollars inclusive of GST. To register as an AWA Member, you will need to enter your AWA Member ID when registering.


  • Three-day conference pass
    (27 – 29 April)
  • conference catering each day (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided)
  • Welcome Dinner ticket (27 April)
  • Gala Dinner ticket (28 April)
  • conference satchel, event program and information


Day registrations will be accepted for either the 27, 28 or 29 April of the conference. This charge does not include evening functions however these may be purchased at the nominated rates.

  • conference sessions on selected day
  • conference catering on selected day (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided)
  • conference satchel, event program and information


Includes real-time access to all three days of the conference. Virtual Attendees can ask questions of speakers (via the moderator) as well as access on-demand, recordings of all the conference sessions after the conference has concluded.

Tour registrations

The 3+ day tour kicks off on Friday the 30 April. Delegates are required to organise their own travel from Rockhampton to their final destination.


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Important event information

Every effort is made to ensure that the details are correct at the time of your registration. The organisers retain the right to make changes where necessary.

The Australian Wagyu Association and the conference coordinators, Countrywide Conference and Event Management, will not accept liability for any damages of any nature sustained by participants or their accompanying persons or loss or damage to their personal property for the duration of the conference.


Cancellation Policy

A full refund, less a $150 cancellation fee per registration, will be made on any cancellations received by 30 March 2021. No refunds will be issued for any registration cancellations made after March 30, 2021 although substitutions of delegates will be accepted. All cancellations must be made in writing to the conference coordinator.

Condition of Entry

It is a condition of entry that no delegate may disrupt the order of events or intent of the program. Anyone considered to be disturbing the program intent will be asked to leave. Only pamphlets and brochures approved by the event organisers may be distributed.


The Australian Wagyu Association is working with Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast to provide confidence and to ensure a safe environment for visiting delegates, speakers and staff.

We have a comprehensive COVID Safe Plan in place which has been approved by the Queensland Government. We will continue to actively monitor the situation regarding COVID-19 and follow the latest advice and guidelines provided by state and federal agencies.

Important Notice and Disclaimer

It is very important that you appreciate when viewing the AWA database that the information contained on the AWA database, including but not limited to pedigree, DNA information, Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) and Index values, is based on data supplied by members and/or third parties.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information reported through AWA, AWA officers and employees assume no responsibility for its content, use or interpretation. AWA disclaims all liability (including without limitation, liability in negligence) for all expenses, losses, damages and costs you may incur as a result of the use by you of the data on this AWA database and the information supplied by ABRI and AGBU being inaccurate or incomplete in any way for any reason.

Regarding EBVs and Index values, it is very important to appreciate, and you need to be aware that:

  • EBVs are derived using Wagyu Single Step BREEDPLAN technology developed independently by the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU), using the information contained within the AWA database.
  • AGBU is a joint venture of NSW Department of Primary Industries and the University of New England, which receives funding for this purpose from Meat and Livestock Australia Limited.
  • AWA relies solely on advice provided by AGBU and ABRI in accepting Wagyu Single Step BREEDPLAN software.
  • EBVs published in Wagyu Single Step BREEDPLAN are estimates of genetic potential of individual animals and may not reflect the raw animal phenotype.
  • EBVs can only be directly compared to other EBVs calculated in the same monthly Wagyu Group BREEDPLAN analysis.

Regarding pedigree and DNA testing results submitted to the AWA, it is very important to appreciate, and you need to be aware that:

  • Pedigree and DNA data submitted and supplied to AWA may have errors in it which cannot be detected without further DNA testing.
  • Technology may have advanced since a particular test was undertaken so that previous inaccuracies which were not detectable are now able to be detected by current testing technology.
  • AWA estimates that less than 1% of the pedigree entries, ownership or breeding details in the AWA Herdbook may have errors or which may be misleading. For this reason, users ought to consider if they need to obtain independent testing of the relevant animal (if possible) to ensure that the data is accurate.

Regarding prefectural content, it is very important to appreciate, and you need to be aware that:

  • Prefectural content is based on the estimation of prefectural origin from Japanese breeding records of 201 foundation sires and 168 foundation dams.  As genotype-based parent verification is not used in Japan, and full Japanese registration certificates are not available for all foundation animals, exact prefectural composition for these sires and dams cannot be validated.
  • The calculation of prefectural content for Australian Herdbook animals relies on the accuracy of pedigree records and DNA samples provided by AWA members.
  • The reporting of prefectural content for animals within the AWA Herdbook relies on the calculation provided by ABRI.

If you consider that you do not understand or appreciate the nature and extent of the data provided on this website or the EBVs of a particular animal, then AWA strongly recommends that you seek independent expert advice.